Little Dead Fly, Stuck to my Finger

Little fly, most would neglect,

Only bigger than a breadbox deserves our respect.

We’re a broken, hurt and flawed world,

But I’ve learned to disconnect.  


Virtual Heroin (I’ll f**k your life up)

“Before I could even bat an eyelash, five hours of sleep,

three hours of activity went flying down the drain

Like a bluelight blackout.

So let me tell it straight with my bird-flipping finger

cocked on the Uninstall button,

Mobile game developers can go to hell.”


Smoke billows from the incense like dog fur growing,

The diamonds and four-sided stars putter and cough,

As a swirling gale from five feet away comes to snatch the fur in a circling whirlwind.

It hangs in the air and sticks to the wind like glue,

Giving it a definition I never thought of.