The Momentum Whip: A Spirit-Garb

“Let your emotions in. See the glimmer of each feeling in your honest irises.

They shine with the uncut dazzle of Babylon- a rare treasure indeed.”


Tiny Fruit:

“We could see the world for empty pressure,

Or imagine the kaleidoscope particle shower we bathe ourselves in, every moment.”

Fresh Starts:

I wanted a big funeral.

I wanted to be remembered by thousands.

I wanted a full plate of many talents.

I have done well to make that so,

Becoming something with the breadth of an ocean

With the depth of a river creek.

It’s not what I bargained two decades for.

The Bell and the Anvil

Intuition provides all the sense one could need to go somersaulting

Into a circumstance beyond your wildest dreams.

A sudden trip to Shakespeare’s Globe,

A drum circle on the bank of the Thames lit up by fire-spinners,

An explosive street fight between gangs of different sweatshirt colors.

And that’s just one night of being tapped into the flow, with as many more to come as I have beats in my heart.