What’s sexy?
What about a set of hips
That can shake what their momma made?
A thin body, or a stomach like a washboard?
Bulging muscles and a hardened heart?
What about a ballooned ego?

How about a round of drinks on me?
Or a balled-up bundle of money?
Is it a quick response?
It a slow response?
At what interval should I be responding in order to be sexy?
Is it sexy to write these words?

Is it sexy to seek catharsis?
It is sexy to stick to your group?
Is it sexy to explore, and never settle?
Is it sexy to know what you’re looking for?
Razor sharp moral compass?
Big voice? Bright eyes?

Is it sexy to bend over backwards to keep the act up?
Is it sexy to throw all of your time into trying to be sexy?
Is it sexy to stop caring about things?
Is it sexy to live a life different than your own?
Is it sexy to get distracted?
Is sexy a distraction?

Who in the hell cares what people say sexy is?
Uncompromising self-love is sexy.
Kindness is sexy.
Understanding. Compassion. Ambition.
Sexy. Sexy. Sexy.
It’s what we make of it.

But at the end of the day “sexy” is just a four letter word we shouldn’t give a fuck about.


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