The Bell and the Anvil

Like a whisper from lover’s lips,

With all the addictive high of a phone’s bleet

My aimless sense of direction comes as arbitrary as the wind.

At any moment, from any direction, I get the urge to do

Without any clue where or why or how,

My ears start to ring like an otherworldly violin.

For me at least, it’s the constancy of a stringed instrument I hear

When I am called to my purpose.

Everything just starts to become easier if I close my eyes and move through my day as though blind.

Intuition provides all the sense one could need to go somersaulting

Into a circumstance beyond your wildest dreams.

A sudden trip to Shakespeare’s Globe,

A drum circle on the bank of the Thames lit up by fire-spinners,

An explosive street fight between gangs of different sweatshirt colors.

And that’s just one night of being tapped into the flow, with as many more to come as I have beats in my heart.

It starts with love, as it always does. For yourself, the chair you sit in, the tree beside you, your family, friends..

The love keeps growing larger and larger until it encompasses you fully.

So let it surround you, and run with it like a crowdsurfing bubble.

Every pair of hands that touches your bubble will shoot you forward in your journey.

And it’s about time I opened up my bubble today.

All I need to do is open my heart, follow with my sacrum,

Keep my eyes sharp, and radiate happiness until the next whistle blows.


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