Food is a Necessity?

A brownie on an empty stomach does you sweet,

But tickles your foyer with guests you didn’t meet.


Spirited Away, it coaxes your tears and opens your imagination

To the colossal spirit world that envelops you

And carries your spaced-out husk away on aquatic railroad junction.

You see singlehanded- greed, desire, lust for wealth and companionship.

This world, while magnificent, isn’t unlike ours.

Materialism is cultivated. Justice is few and far between.

But friends in good places and bad along the way can cast a light against

A backdrop of river slime.

Toss me a bath token, I need to soak.

I’ll show them my song soon enough.

I’m too excited for it to hit the surface.

Will it stick, and bleed beautiful colors?

I saw a cow slaughtered today.

I’m losing the reasons to lose grip of meat.

Tasty isn’t moral description, it’s not worth the compromise sometimes.

Especially when my stomach is already primed soft from disgust.

It’s been flurrying on and off all throughout the windowpanes of 420 Chadbourne.

Lit night a mobile against a lamp, the windows are but illusory.

The outside could be sprouting flowers and melting,

I’d be none for the wiser.

But I’ll do what I can to keep myself growing.

The plant growing in lamplight reaches up to twist it brighter.

It basks in stronger light, and blooms a pale fuchsia.

It looks hungrier.

I ended up getting the chicken.


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