Lotus Eater:

I’ve gotten out of my routine,

Like gravity deciding to take a day off

I’ve floated aimlessly,


Through the bubble sphere of Amherst and onwards.

Creation is beautiful and important,

As much as I am beautiful and important.

What normally dictates self-worth with an iron fist

Has yielded to just digging life.

But when you take a breath, shit gets scary

And the thought that you could be keeping those elephant spooks off your lawn

If you weren’t being so damn inactive,

Makes you want to spring to life and clean your room spotless.

But you’ve gotta remember to stop trying to make your feet touch the ground.

Gravity’s taking a day off, maybe a couple. Who knows?

Consequence Schmonsequence.

Live to be happy now before the desperation kicks back in.

You don’t have to be high to come down.

So now I’ll sit on my own little floor

And eat the Lotuses for a day.

They taste so sweet, like familiar sex.

I’m slipping.

Everything’s fine.


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