Flora Love Song

I’m in a relationship with the Durfee Conservatory.


Have you ever wondered what personality a plant has by species?

What about the personality of each individual plant?

They grow, they think, and they’re capable of loving back-

Their sentiments flourishing oxygen that we breathe,

Our gratitude we breathe right back into their life forces.

Little trickling pockmarks shape the kisses on the wrist they deliver

When you sprout love toward them from your fingertips outwards,

Entire roomfuls of plants turn into hours of loving conversation,

Species and genus devolve and unravel into life stories revealing perspectives

A being without chlorophyll could have never understood.

Patience is indeed a virtue, time becomes the upwards crawl into quiet magnificence.

Some crawled across the floor and sat along friends in low places.

Some sprouted high and far as their own fields flourished,

Some twisted in perfect geometry,

The knowledge of their methods far beyond a high school trigonometry simpleton.

It was a choir of feelings, colors and growing that

Tickles my wrists from the inside out,

And grabs attention from the drops of water they would playfully put on you.

Nourishing as if every corner breathed the same breath in unison.

The bamboo forest is becoming healthy again,

I could tell by the way they opened their pores to let me breathe their scent,

Unique tranquility I had never experienced before- I felt their essence clear as day.

Compared to the perpetual hunger for attention and power that us humans pursue,

Sapping ourselves from each other’s joy.

Plants know nothing else than to give and to grow,

I feel in my core that wisdom is something to emulate.

I’ll do my best to do just that.


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