For Profit:

I’ve been spending my life looking for sacrilege.

“I want to date someone I can worship” 15 year old blockhead me said,

Going with the societal secular flow for fashion’s sake, I failed to see the hypocrisy

Of ignoring God-sent saviors and harbingers of undying love

To tithe to people that would slap me as a schoolhouse bet.

Self-destruction is a lot easier to stumble into than we think.

Fresh University students to be, going like kids through candy stores

Ogling the shot glasses and mason jars adorned in Maroon,

Associating college spirit with controlled substances to peddle an extra $10 for cool factor.

Like your friend’s edgy father who says him and his wife are going away. “Don’t touch the vodka on the front shelf,” he says to you with a wink.

Like the same kind of father who’d be willing to get you drunk and use you as a vacation from his nagging wife, he’s the cool associated more with some unreasonable desire than legitimate predation.

Cool has an agenda that it never wants you to see.

It’s time for us to concede the fact we’re monetizing the same thing RAs are being paid to tirelessly document, with a steep price tag.

They can milk you for cash as the good guy, and they can levy punishment tariffs after they convince you to give it up.

Encouragement to punishment hardwiring soldered ecstasy into the
Fraying mindframe of kids who just started believing they weren’t kids anymore.
We don’t know what’s up or down.

“Let ‘em learn,” they say- justifying their own wrath and lust and human shit as
Greatest generation learning tools.
They’re too lazy to realize they’ve got unlearning to do.

Instead of guiding and talking, open communication and safe trial and error,
They send you off the deep end tied to a gold mine without floaties.

When their laziness becomes translucent, when you actually do drown, bubble worldwide emails call it “A sad loss to the community.”

They knew what they were doing.

People have been exchanging lives for profit for millennia. This is no different.

Scholars and thinkers are being formed here, and they market it.

Addicts and drinkers are being formed here, and they market it.

It finally hit me when the thought descended upon me,

How gruesome and frightening it is that
Institutes like this still exist for profit above all else.

How normal we’ve all made that out to be.

We’re playing right into his hands.


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